Employment and Labor Attorneys in Medina Stand Up for the Rights of Ohio Workers


Issues of employment law are complicated — if you find yourself in the middle of one, you likely feel overwhelmed. Whether you are being unfairly denied unemployment compensation after losing your job or are being discriminated against at your job based on physical or personality traits, you need an employment and labor attorney in Medina with experience, knowledge and tenacity. At Grubb & Associates, LPA, we have all three in spades. For a combined 25 years, we have been advocating for the rights of employees throughout Ohio.


In today’s tumultuous economy, losing a job is a legitimate concern for most people. The financial well-being of you and your family is at stake; a sudden loss of income can be devastating. Our Medina attorneys help you properly file a claim for unemployment benefits or make a case for appeal if your claim has been denied. We have experience with the legal system and an intricate knowledge of unemployment compensation laws. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have helped employees get the benefits they deserve to stay afloat while searching for new job opportunities.


Discrimination in the workplace is illegal and should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, as employees find that their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other traits determine matters of hiring, promotion, compensation or layoffs. At Grubb & Associates, LPA, our employment attorneys are committed to seeking justice on behalf of employment discrimination victims. While navigating this area of law can be challenging, we are experienced and devoted advocates for you. We hold responsible any employer who violates your right to work in a bias-free environment.


Whether you have been offered a job or are considering leaving one, employment is often accompanied by a variety of agreements and contracts. Our attorneys review these agreements, explain the key terms and help identify any problematic issues that should be modified or removed. Our goal is to help you understand your rights and obligations under your employment agreement so you can negotiate the terms of your contract fairly. We also represent employers. In our representation of businesses throughout northeast Ohio, we highly recommendSecurity Information Legal Systems. Security Information Legal Systems has been providing pre-employment screenings to clients since 1993 as well as diversified human resources consulting.

Let our Medina employment and labor attorneys help you protect your rights

If you need legal help with a personal injury, small business or employment matter, contact a Medina lawyer who will go the extra mile for you. We provide individual attention paired with ethical, aggressive and knowledgeable representation. Call Grubb & Associates, LPA at 330-236-4864 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Located five minutes from Medina Square, we are always nearby when you need us.

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